Dark Circles Reduction For Your Skin

A singular problem with multiple causes. Treatment is most effective when directed at the cause, which can vary from Pigmentation, Volume Loss, Melasma, Structural changes and actinic a skinandshape. The condition can be reversed in about 50% of patients and improved in about 90%. Correct Diagnosis and management is paramount for effective Dark Circles surgery in Mumbai

Therapy For Dark Circles Is Most Valuable For Your Skin

Customised peels available for even tone, for skin lightening & severe pigmentation. Appropriate medications are prescribed for melasma when needed. For volume loss, Fillers may be helpful and structural changes need surgical intervention.

Dark Circles Surgery Available For Skin Lightening & Severe Pigmentation.

Duration varies from 15 mins to 2 hrs

Visible results Immediate for fillers and surgery, 2-4 weeks after medications and resurfacing

Post care Continue medications as advised, Destressing and Sleep are important components of therapy


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