Bridal Makeover

Every girl wishes that her wedding day is “picture” perfect. It is the day where she will be centre of attention and one she will remember forever. At the Skin and Shape clinic, brides can now choose from a variety of available procedures to look her best for her “big” day.

In our country, its not just the brides who need to look their best, it also extends to other people in the family, especially, for young girls of marriageable age.

If you desire a lot to be changed, you should plan at least 3 months before your D day.

For Brides to be, the recommneded timeline would be

Surgical or Non Surgical Body contouring procedures (Scarless)

  • Liposelection
    • Vaser assisted
    • Waist and Hip contouring
    • Thigh and Arm reshaping
  • Scarless Breast reshaping
    • Scarless Breast augmentation
    • Autologous fat transfer
  • Facial reshaping
    • Autologous fat transfer
    • Dimple creation
    • Buccal fat pad reduction ( for heavy cheeks)
    • Double chin correction
  • Skin regimens
    • Exfollients, Moisturisers
    • Control of Acne
    • Dermaroller (for acne scars)
    • Non ablative lasers (for acne scars and improving skin texture)
  • Laser hair reduction
  • Dietary advise

All the above procedures can still be done, although it’s preferable they are done at 3 months.
At this time, the primary options are non surgical and dermatological, to achieve the right combination of attractive features and glowing skin.

  • Non Surgical facial reshaping
    • Jaw reshaping ( Botox)
    • Eyebrow reshaping ( Botox)
    • Smile correction ( Botox)
    • Lip reshaping (Fillers)
    • Chin reshaping (Fillers)
    • Cheek reshaping (Fillers)
  • Skin lightening regimens
    • Radiance peels
    • Pigment reducer peels
    • Dark circle reduction
  • Skin rejuvenation regimens
    • Mesotherapy
    • Control of active acne
  • Skin tightening
    • Tripollar RF treatments
  • Laser
    • Hair reduction
    • Rejuvenation
  • Rehydration therapy
  • Advanced facials
  • Skin lightening treatments
  • Body polishing
  • Fillers (for sensous lips and high cheekbones)
  • Botox ( for smile correction and arched eyebrows)


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If you are excited at the notion of a more attractive version of yourself, a makeover by our team at the Skin and Shape clinic may be just what you’re looking for!

Depends on procedures

Visible results:Immediate to six weeks (Depends on procedures)

Post care : Depends on procedures