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Breast Reconstruction

For much of human history, the aesthetics of the female breast defined the female body form. Today, as the society becomes more image conscious, patients find it difficult to cope when subjected to mastectomy or removal of the breast for cancer. Fortunately, with progress in surgery, it is now possible to offer breast conserving surgeries to the majority of patients (with equal cure rates) as well as offer complete reconstruction of the breast when mastectomy is indicated.

Breast Conservation surgery is an established form of treatment for Ca breast. Occasionally, this may result in contour deformities of the breast which can be corrected by AFT or an Latissimus dorsi flap ( taken from the back).
Rarely, the cancer surgeon may involve a plastic surgeon to perform a Oncoplastic resection and/or perform a symmetrizing procedure on the opposite breast.

If, the entire breast is removed, there are two avenues for reconstruction:

  • Immediate reconstruction
    • Implant based reconstruction +/_ LD flap
    • Autogenous reconstruction ( LD/TRAM flap/DIEP flap)
    • Tissue expander
  • Delayed reconstruction
  • Autogenous reconstruction ( LD/TRAM/DIEP flap/other flaps)

Choice between these options depends on the stage of the disease, adjuvant options planned, the patient’s desire, technical & logistic considerations.

Breast reconstruction along with Cosmetic surgery & Head & neck reconstruction is one of Dr Methil’s special interests. Dr Methil has operated on a large number of patients with these defects with a high success rate & very gratifying results.

Recreation of Form & Function is a constant unending pursuit at the Skin & Shape clinic. Each patient is assessed & a plan is formulated which is individualized/tailor made for every patient. All aspects of the reconstruction will be discussed at the consultation & all your queries answered.


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