Look Younger And Feel Younger With Botox Treatment

A drug made from neurotoxin is called Botox, it is naturally produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum and related species. These organisms are found in inactive form in the natural environment and are typically relatively harmless. Purified form of botulinum toxin A is used to counter wrinkles; they block nerves that contract muscles and soften the appearance of wrinkles. Botulinum toxins are used in Botox injection, which is one of the best known medications in order to temporarily paralyze muscle activity.

Benefits Of Botox Injection

Botox injections are noted primarily for their role in reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles but are also used to treat neck spasms, excessive sweating, lazy eye and over active bladder, it also help prevent chronic migraines in some people. Again, it is the same toxin that can cause a life threatening type of food poisoning called botulism. It needs to be used in small amount and in right dosage. Otherwise it can cause life threatening symptoms and diseases. Depending on what you are treating, the effects of Botox treatment last for three to twelve months. Thus, you need to do the treatment from a trust worthy and recognized clinic.


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Quick Remedy

Botox treatment by providing a quick remedy for wrinkles and facial lines caused by age, worry, stress and environmental factor help one achieve the height of beauty and makes them look younger irrespective of their age. This treatment is very effective. It smoothes frown lines on the forehead, at the base of the nose and between the eyes. Botox cosmetic is an injectable agent that can temporarily diminish or eliminate lines and wrinkles on the face by relaxing underlying facial muscles, but Botox toxin can be deadly in a pure state. It should be done from an approved clinic. If you are looking for Botox treatment doctors in Mumbai, you can consult skin and shape clinic which is located in Oshiwara, Andheri.

Candidates Suitable For This Treatment

This treatment has proved safe for a wide range of candidates. It’s although has many medical uses for its protein content but is most commonly used for facial treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Anyone desiring to smooth wrinkles through Botox treatment can find profound result from this effective treatment, but women who are breast feeding, pregnant or are planning to become pregnant should talk to their doctors before starting Botox treatment.

Treatment Requirements

This treatment involves few small injections during a ten minutes session. It is FDA approved for patients who are between 18 and 65. With every medical procedures certain considerations are required, thus, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before starting the treatment. Even ideal candidates for this procedure sometime experience adverse side effects. Some patients are allergic to Botox cosmetic, thus you should speak to your physician and keep yourself updated about all the positive and negative effects of Botox treatment. Skin and shape clinic is one of the most reliable Botox treatment clinics in Andheri and it analyses each patient’s case carefully before administering this treatment.

Above is the picture of 29 years old women who was worried about her wrinkles around her eyes. She received mind blowing result after this treatment. Botox cost although varies in price, skin and shape provides the most cost effective Botox treatment. Botox treatment cost in Lokhandwala is between $9 and $ 20 per unit. If you are looking for reliable Botox treatment centre in Mumbai which provides cost effective treatment you should definitely give a visit to skin and shape clinic. Their main objective is achieving excellence in the art and science of beauty; they help you achieve the height of beauty with the help of qualified doctors.


Procedure Duration: 15 minutes to an hour per session

Local or no Anaesthesia

Normal activity: No restrictions

Work: Can resume office work immediately.

Sequalae: Occasional bruising & discomfort. May need a top up injection at 2 weeks.

Result: Early result is evident in about 2 weeks. Results may last upto 6-8 months.