Botox Therapy for Your Skin

Botox Surgery to get your skin betterMost commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world. Botox is a purified protein which is used to relax muscles. It is injected with precision into the target muscle and skinandshape specialized in botox treatment mumbai

Botox is commonly utilised for correction of facial wrinkles & fine lines like forehead lines, crow's feet(lines around the eye).

Botox can Cure Reshaping of Eyebrows, Jaw Line and many more

New uses include reshaping of eyebrows, reshaping of the jaw line, correction of gummy smile, reversal of downturned lip corners & to reduce excessive sweating in the axilla.

Get rid of your frown lines by opting for Botox

Botox can correct many negative expressions like frown lines & results in a subtle change to a more pleasing personality.

  • Hospital Stay
  • Anaesthesia
  • Recovery


Procedure Duration: 15 minutes to an hour per session

Local or no Anaesthesia

Normal activity: No restrictions

Work: Can resume office work immediately.

Sequalae: Occasional bruising & discomfort. May need a top up injection at 2 weeks.

Result: Early result is evident in about 2 weeks. Results may last upto 6-8 months.