The Skin and Shape clinic is conveniently located in Oshiwara, Andheri.

At the Skin and Shape clinic, one of our guiding principles is that “No key fits every Lock”, All patients are different and the right procedure for each has to be tailored to his or her expectations (physical and mental) & limitations (physical and financial). Our USP at the Skin and Shape clinic is this seamless integration of both surgical and non surgical techniques by both our doctors who are each other’s closest allies and sharpest critics. This approach helps us to crease out your plan for the treatment using the best and most effective procedures, thereby ensuring a better result with lesser downtime.


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Our Specialists

Anju Methil
Anju Methil
Dermatologist & Cosmetologist
Dr. Anju Methil, M.D. D.D.V. is a qualified dermatologist & cosmetologist with considerable experience in Cosmetic medicine. Dr. Anju is one...
Bijoy Methil
Bijoy Methil
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Bijoy Methil is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Jaslok Hospital & Saifee Hospital in Mumbai which are premier Healthcare institutes...

Our Services

Male Breast Reduction

Many men suffer from a condition known as gynaecomastia, or ‘feminisation’ of the male breast. In this condition extra fat and breast...

Arm & Thigh Lift

In some patients, there is often a significant excess of loose, sagging skin that doesn’t tighten on its own. Moreover this excess skin does...

Tummy Tuck

Just like other parts of our bodies, as we age, the abdominal skin loses its elasticity and the underlying muscle becomes loose and weak.


Liposuction is a wonderful procedure to sculpt the body. It is performed to improve body shape by removal of fat from specific areas.

Breast Lift

The ideal female breast is taut & perky & has a graceful shape which is pleasing to the eyes. Breasts that have lost their shape &...

Breast Reduction

If you are troubled by large, sagging breasts that restrict your activities and cause you physical discomfort, breast reduction surgery can be a...